Custom XML Websites for Ticket Brokers and TNPL Clients

Feature Packed Ticketing Websites

ATBS your ticketing site provider has an XML website solution for every ticket broker and TicketNetwork Private Label clients. With our diverse xml technologies, we are able to accommodate anyone, regardless of size. Our ticket broker and TicketNetwork affiliate xml websites are programmed specifically to easily and flawlessly integrate into your event ticketing provider’s XML feed.

We have a solution for EventInventory’s XML feed, TicketNetwork’s XML WebServices, TicketNetwork’s Affiliate WebServices, VividSeats Skybox Feed and TicketTechnology’s XML feed. Our xml websites do not contain content limitations or restrictions and are unique to each ticket broker. Our xml software has been developed and fine-tuned to integrate seamlessly into an XML feed to create advanced xml websites with powerful back-end administration using CMS technologies.

What’s our promise?

It’s important you have a content strategy. ATBS gives you the tools you need to success with that strategy.

ATBS Gives you the tools
Features and Services Include (but aren’t limited to…)


Stellas Customer Service ATBS has been providing custom ticketing websites since 2004. We’ve never lost a customer to poor customer service or an inferior product. But don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say about us.
24/7 Customer Support With a fully monitored support desk, reliable phone and email support, you’re never left in the dark!

Site Features

Admin Panel Manage and maintain your website from anywhere, anytime. Create new users to allow them access to your website and just as easily take it away. This is great for contract employees!
Newsletter Integration ATBS will integrate your third-party newsletter provider into your website. You don’t have to worry about moving over your current email client base.
Ensure all of your web pages are indexed for maximum Search Engine Placement. Automatically generate spreadsheets and set the frequency to create spreadsheets for Google to index when visiting your website. These spreadsheets are also compatible with Yahoo, Overture, Bing and many other search engines
Google Rich Snippets One of Google’s newest features is already integrated into our software! Show your ticket listings under your listing in Google. Don’t know what Rich Snippets are? Check them out here.
URL, Title, and Metatags Change your website’s url structure with a few clicks to fully personalize your website. Set your own custom titles and metatags for all of your individual pages.
Default Text Don’t have time to put your custom text on all of the event pages? Now you don’t have to; you can easily set default text on all your performer pages, city pages and venue pages. Even better, the text will automatically change the be customized to the event!
Complete CMS Manage content on your Category, Event, City and Venue pages easily. Add images, links, content and more with a few clicks.
GEOIP Your website will change automatically to show your customers events in their location! By targeting their location you can increase sales and revenue in no time!
Interactive Seating Charts ATBS has multiple partnerships with iMap providers as well as fully integrated the TicketNetwork iMaps. Regardless of your exchange, you can have iMaps!
Rotating Banners and Images Simply add an image via your CMS and your image will automatically begin to rotate between the images.
List and Calendar View Your customers can easily switch the ticket view from a traditional list to a complete calendar, allowing them to easily find events on the dates they want.
Google Analytics Integrating Google Analytics is as easy as copy and paste, which is why ATBS does it for our customers for free. Don’t be fooled by companies who claim to be creating analytics programs or try to charge you for them. Google Analytics is free and is one of the best applications available. We’ll even teach you how to use it.
Edit Category, Performer, Venue and City Pages Using your powerful CMS, you can add links, images and text to every page on your website.
Easily add a custom RSS feed to your event pages with a few clicks.
Custom Page Creation Create as many pages as you want, give them your own custom title and URL, all form your admin panel. There’s no limit to the number of pages you can create!
Manage Redirects Already have a website with pages that have high placement in the search engines? Our system allows you to create redirects from your admin panel, telling the search engines your page’s url has changed and carry over it’s placement.
Manage and organize your images with a few clicks.
Flip a simple switch in your admin panel to toggle between TicketNetwork, VividSeats and TicketEvolution any time you like.*
* Available to new sites only.

Website Hosting

Customizable Templates Let your web developer login and shine. Our system is fully customizable!
superEasy ZERO work on your part! Just pick your design or speak with your personal ATBS designer to determine what your website will look like and we’ll handle the rest!
Mobile Sites ATBS offers a full mobile version of your website, compatible on all smartphones. Our mobile site uses the smart phone’s GPS device to automatically show your customers tickets in their immediate location. It also have powerful search filters at their fingertips so that they can easily and quickly find their tickets.
Mobile sites are an additional cost: Find pricing, demos, sign up, and more at
PCI Compliance This industry standard is also an ATBS standard. We guarantee PCI compliance through McAffee. Find out more Here.
Your website isn’t bundled with numerous other websites; damaging your search engine placement.
Manage your URLs all at once or use this powerful feature to create a custom url for specific events.


Mobile SitesATBS offers iPhone and Android Apps fully branded for your website. App features include but not limited to: Powerful filtering and sorting, auto-complete search, social sharing, easy to use interface, optional Google ads, click to call, advanced Geo-Location to display events in the customers area, custom favorites list, app analytics by Flurry, text and email sharing, calendar reminders, venue direction, custom app icon, and much more!
iPhone Apps are an additional cost: Find pricing, demos, sign up, and more at
Social Network Integration Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. If you’re using it, we’ll integrate it!
Any Live Chat Never miss a sale! ATBS will integrate any live chat.
This powerful SEO tool can easily be added to your website! ATBS will integrate your blog for you and even template it to match your website.
Ticket Integration Ability to integrate ticket listings from your site onto any other site.
Custom Modifications Want to add a new feature to your website? We’ll take care of it for you. With ATBS, you’re not buying a static product. We strive to always update our software with the latest and greatest features to give you the tools you need to compete in the ticketing market.
Your customers can login and view their order history, update their contact and shipping information and more!
Custom Shopping Cart Your shopping cart is custom to your website. Your customers will feel secure when they get to the cart!
It’s easier than ever to sell spec tickets with our software. Just a few clicks and your tickets are on your website.
Want to sell event memorabilia or custom packages? Our software allows you to create your own items and list them on your site and your customers can add them to the cart just as they would with tickets. is a stock image site with thousands of images from hundreds of different categories, including concerts; theatre; venues and much more. With an affordable subscription price you get access to all of them to freely use on your site. Check it out today!
Youtube Integration ATBS will integrate your YouTube videos for you or you can do it yourself as our sites allow easy integration of practically any application.

ATBS Sites are Optimized for Mobile Devices

100% Responsive

Our PowerPack templates are fully responsive and will adapt to any device.

Retina Ready

Your responsive website will always look perfect on any device.

Contact ATBS today to get your next website.
*Not all features are available on each exchange. Features are subject to change without notice and are not all guaranteed to be included. Some features will incur an additional fee. Custom quotes, redesigns, support tickets, custom programming and upgrades do not include the addition of these features. Please contact ATBS for more information.