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Through innovative software and superior customer support, Automated Ticket Broker Solutions offers ticket brokers and TicketNetwork Affiliates the tools to excel online. Since 2004 ATBS, has been working with ticket brokers and TicketNetwork Affiliates to deliver top-of-the-line xml websites that have proven to improve search engine rankings, gain customer loyalty and increase ticket sales. ATBS is the only software company that specifically caters to the modern ticket broker and TicketNetwork Affiliate. We strive to continually improve our software to accommodate all of our customer’s every need. With over one third of all ticket brokers and TicketNetwork Affiliates using our website software and services, we have what it takes to provide our customers superior products and support. We have a software service for every ticketing professional. ATBS is not here to change your business, we’re here to make it better. Give us a call today!
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    VIVIDSeats websites for Ticket Brokers! Powered by ATBS

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6 Reasons Why You Need ATBS!

No Gimmicks or Contracts

You may have seen other ticket website providers offering a similar service as ATBS. They may even appear to offer lower prices. But there’s a catch. By signing up with them you lock yourself into a term contract. This means you’re committing yourself for 1 to 2 years to a company and you may not even like what you get. To make matters worse the month-to-month fee isn’t cheap. It’ll likely cost you more each month than your cell phone bill. There are no term contracts with ATBS and our monthly price has stayed the same for since 2004. We don’t bait our customers in with low upfront costs only to charge high subscription cost and an additional fee for every update or upgrade.

Clients with Top SEO and PPC Rankings

Since our xml websites were just a concept on the drawing board, we knew that SEO capabilities would be a crucial function. With our websites, you have all the tools needed to rank high in search engines. The admin panel of our websites include all the tools you could possibly ever need to bring your SEO efforts into reality. Powerful and Easy to Use are basic requirements of our features when developed which means anyone with any type of experience can create SEO campaigns to reach the top of search engine listings and maximize Pay Per Click campaigns

Our Clients make Money

The concept is simple. As a service-based company, ATBS makes money when our customers make money. We know that the better services and products we offer to our customers the greater potential they will have to compete in today’s increasingly global, cut-throat ticketing market. We’ve never sacraficed quality in order to save on pricing. Your customers know that they are receiving premium websites with the latest in programming development and security, the latest and greatest features that their customers will expect and the fanatic customer service that ATBS customers expect and deserve.

Proven & Reliable Services 24/7

When you choose a company to provide a service or deliver a product, reputation is everything. ATBS has a proven track record and reputation for our products and services. Don’t take our word for it. Call your sales representative at TicketNetwork, TicketEvolution, TicketTechnology or EventInventory and just ask them what they have to say. Our websites are the best. Our service is second to none. Simply put, ATBS is the leading custom ticketing website provider. Everyone else is second-best.

Each Website is Unique

The web is full of cookie-cutter websites and for those who want to stand out from the crowd and earn actual income, this isn’t an option. The similarity of these websites delivers killer blows to business owners as they are typically viewed as spam or black-hat websites and banned or dropped in search engine listings. One of the many things that sets ATBS apart from any other provider is the diversity and the capabilities for uniqueness that ATBS websites offer ticket brokers and TND Partners. With a few setting changes you can have a website so unique from any other ticket provider. We specialize in custom design and development so you can rest assured that your design can be as unique as you can imaine when we develop your new ticketing website

Best Prices and Best Products

Every business has expenses and no one wants them to increase. That’s why our products and services are reasonably priced and we do not require payment for each individual update or request. Our ticketing websites include all the features our customers need to succeed online without additional monthly costs for each one.

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Helping the Secondary Ticketing Market Grow Since 2004!
ATBS specializes in providing XML websites to today’s ticket broker and TicketNetwork Affiliate. Our software integrates into EventInventory’s XML feed, TicketNetwork’s XML WebServices and TicketTechnology’s XML feed. By working directly with the xml feed providers, ATBS is able to offer ticket brokers and TicketNetwork Affiliates an online website that is rivaled by none. Our XML websites offer a full range of advanced features and easy-to-use CMS technology to empower ticket brokers, allowing them to take control of their website. With our years of experience and vast customer base, ATBS is truely the leading provider of custom xml websites. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled in by immitators. Over time, ticket brokers and TicketNetwork Affiliates that chose to use outsourced labor or companies claiming to provide the same services as ATBS have come to realize they wasted valuable time and money they could have invested with ATBS and received the quality services and products they were originally wanting. To learn more about the history of ATBS and services, visit our About Us page.
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