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For more than a decade, ATBS has been working hand-in-hand with TicketNetwork Affiliates to develop and provide the latest and greatest in TicketNetwork Affiliate xml websites. By using the feedback of our customers, we have been able to provide TicketNetwork Affiliates the xml websites that include all the latest and most valuable features to excel online.

Our TicketNetwork Affiliates xml websites utilize the latest technology to ensure the security and the reliability that our TicketNetwork Affiliates need and can depend on. With web-based administration panels and full CMS capabilities, our xml websites give TicketNetwork Affiliates the tools and features to control the content, pages and functionality of their website without having to rely on a “webmaster”.

Because our software is custom written in-house by our own developers, we are able to continually expand our software’s features and ticket exchange compatibility. Our customers have the freedom to switch their website from one ticketing exchange to another, while keeping the same website. As it is truly written to cater specifically to TicketNetwork Affiliates, our software uses no third party applications. We are not bound by the limitations of their party applications and therefore are able to continually provide our ticket brokers with the latest and greatest features and functionality for their xml websites.

Ever expanding, ATBS has also included social networking integration and complete mobile solutions into our ticket broker xml websites.

ATBS is committed to providing the absolute best in products and support. We do not charge our customers large monthly fees or sales percentages. We value our customers more than the amount they pay, we view them as partners in the ticketing industry.

Because we firmly believe in quality and reliability, we do not outsource our projects or labor to foreign countries. There are no language or time barriers with which our customers must contend.

We can have your TicketNetwork Affiliate XML Website completed and live on the web in 3-5 days, rather than several months.

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