Royalty Free Stock Photos

Have you ever received one of those scary cease-and-desist letters from Getty Images or any of the Sporting Industries such as the NBA? The simple truth is that while the images are free on the internet, they aren’t free for you to use and because of this you could end up owing a high fine or face litigation because of it. You didn’t know the image was copyrighted but it doesn’t matter; you’re still responsible!

ATBS is happy to announce our new Royalty Free Stock Photo Subscription service. With almost 1000 licensed and unique, individual images ranging from sports and concerts themes to general decorative image, you can rest assured you will not receive any cease-and-desist letters! These images are fully licensed for use on our custom XML websites* With your subscription you will receive access to our complete collection of images to use on your website for the duration of your subscription.

Subscription Service

Our Subscription service requires a monthly subscription payment. Please contact us for pricing and additional information.

General Terms
Images may be used only on your ATBS XML Website. Images may not be used for print, logos, clothing or any other printable materials.
The subscription service requires a 3 (three) month minimum subscription and can be cancelled with 30 days written notice. After cancellation, all images must be removed from the website. Failure to remove the images will result in a fine to be set and may be changed by ATBS at any time with notice.

Terms of License
For a complete description of Terms of Use, please click here. By using the images you are agreeing to all terms listed.

Sample Images

lone guitarist

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