Facts & Fiction

Over the past few years some of our new and current customers have come to us with a range of questions from rumors or things they were told by competitors. We figure it was time to put those rumors to rest.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t listed, please feel free to contact us. We have live sales representatives waiting to assist you.

ATBS was founded by two individuals, Brandon Crum & Adam Young, with a vision to help grow the secondary ticketing market by creating a world-class website that would benefit all ticket brokers regardless of business size in 2004. From that time, ATBS has grown substationally to include multiple offices and employees.

ATBS became an official website provider for TicketNetwork and TicketNetworkDirect in 2007. We have created the best in custom ticketing websites. Working directly with the sales and technical support team at TND, ATBS has been able to stream-line the development process. Our websites can take as little as one week to complete thanks to our quality development team and fantastic support from TND.
ATBS has never and will never outsource our labor. Why is this important? Outsourced labor brings several complications. First, with unemployment at it’s current rates ATBS believes it is our duty to provide as many jobs to hard working Americans as possbile and therefore help the US economy.
Second, when labor is outsourced overseas you may get a lower rate, but the adage goes “You get what you pay for!” While it may seem cheaper upfront, the amount of time spent trying to get someone overseas to understand what you are wanting and the additional costs you’ll end up paying because they didn’t understand you the first time will quickly amount to more than hiring locally.
Third, outsourcing would not only cost ATBS more but it would in turn cost our customers more in time and money. If ATBS had to pay for a third party to develop or customize our software then that fee would in turn be passed along to our customers as many companies already do. Additionally, it would take longer for any work to be done due to time difference and language barriers.
ATBS doesn’t sell static products. Period. All of our products including our websites and mobile websites include life-time, free updates to the code and feature additions. We understand that in order to be able to actually compete in todays secondary ticketing market, our customers websites must include the features, speed and security that consumers have come to expect.
You’ll never see an email from ATBS telling you about “new version” as we update our websites yearly and these updates are handed out to our customers automatically.
ATBS offers iPhone and Android mobile apps as well as mobile optimized websites which you can learn more about on our website at www.CellSeats.com. You can watch demos and sign up for apps or mobile sites as well as download demo apps from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.