EventInventory Ticket Broker Website Provided by ATBS

eventinventory-ticket-broker-websitesIf you’re looking for an EventInventory Ticket Broker Website then you need not look any further. ATBS offers premium custom XML websites and mobile websites for EventInventory! When TicketMaster acquired EventInventory many things changed with the xml feed for ticket brokers including the discontinuation of the xml feed. However it is still available to EventInventory Affiliates and our versatile software fits both.

ATBS offers high-end custom XML websites for EventInventory Affiliates. We also offer customizable EventInventory Mobile websites.

EventInventory Ticket Broker Websites were first with ATBS

ATBS was founded with the concept of a custom EvenInventory Ticket Broker Website. We began with the basic features and quickly realized that many more would be needed if our customers were going to be able to compete online. We began adding more features, increase speed and security and before long we had the premium, customized website that our customers have known ATBS to deliver. With this, our custom EventInventory ticket broker websites were and still are the only customized websites available without hiring a freelance programmer.

When ATBS first started EventInventory custom XML websites was our only product at that time we working hand and hand with EventInventory to provide all their Ticket Broker clients websites. Now we only offer EventInventory Affiliates custom websites and mobile websites.

Call us now to learn more or to get started at (281) 392-9693. Our websites can be customized in anyway you need.

If you are a EventInventory Ticket broker and are interested in upgrading to a better website, we can move to you Ticketnetwork, TicketEvolution or TicketTechnology.