Conversion + Cart Upgrade Packages

With extensive testing and research, we’ve compiled a list of design and feature updates that have been proven to increase website conversions. Features included are listed below:

Ticket Listing Upgrade

Ticket Listings Upgrade
Upgrade your ticket listings. Listings are easier to read and less cluttered. More modern “View Tickets” button.

Price-Slash Feature

Price Slash Feature
Create the illusion of a discount without actually taking a loss in profits! Our special price-slash feature shows your customers a higher price so your tickets always appear to be on sale.

“Tickets From” Feature

Tickets From Pricing Line
Instantly show customers the lowest price available before they get to the ticket page so they can quickly find tickets in their price range.

Cart Lasso Feature

ATBS Cart Lasso
Adding a cart lasso or pop-up with a special discount code has been proven to keep customers from leaving the cart!

Cart Steps & Clean-Up

Stepped Cart and Clutter Removal
Too much clutter can make the checkout process seem longer and more difficult. Wtih an improved header, step-by-step images and a few design tweaks your cart will easily flow and direct customers through the checkout process.

Performer Schedule Links

Full Schedule of Events Links
Provides a breakdown of the performers at the event that is being viewed with links to each of the the performer pages. Especially useful for sports fans.