ATBS Support Contract

Save Money With A Support Contract

ATBS makes it easy to file a support ticket at our support site, we pride ourselves on our quick response time and top notch support by our skilled development team.

Our support ticket services for additions and modifications to your website are billed by the hour at $90 an hour in 15 minute increments; but what if you could save some money and get all the changes that you wanted? Well you can! ATBS offers support contracts starting at $180 a month for 3 hours of labor, with additional support packages available if you have many changes and modifications you would like to do. Find out below what your support contract will cover.

  • starter

  • $90

    per hour

  • Hourly15 minuteIncrements

The support contract covers everything from basic additions and changes including uploading new images and graphics, keeping your site lists and content up to date so you don’t have to; to more advanced operations like creating some custom modifications*, creating custom graphics, adding custom code for affiliate and tracking software and much more!

*Some custom modifications may require an additional fee. Time remaining at the end of the month on your support contract does not roll over into the next month.