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What makes ATBS different?


When we started in 2005 we had 5 competitors . 4 of them were free websites from Ticket Exchanges and one of them was a company called TicketPlatform. TicketPlatform went out of business after all their clients moved to us and we now own the domain name.

Almost every top Ticket Broker and Ticket Affiliate uses ATBS. WHY? If you search any keyword related to the Secondary Ticketing Market (STM) you will find all our clients on top of the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Today, in 2021 we only have a single “competitor” a Ticket Exchange who charges you for a cloned cookie-cutter ticket website that looks like 35,000 other identical websites and they put their ads on.

So the only real option you have is to build a ticket website by yourself which even if you use overseas labor would cost you many times what the ATBS ticketCMS solution would cost you.

So the only real question no matter if your a Ticket Broker or Ticket Affiliate is….

WHY would you not use ATBS?

Don’t forget we do more than just ticketing websites! We have a full suite of products and services to help your business online!

ticketCMS Features

  • Depending on the version of ticketCMS you choose you will get different features. *
  • Features might vary depending on the Ticket Exchange
These are just a few of the features we have built for you in the past 20+ years!

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