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ATBS Frequently Asked Questions (ATBS FAQs)

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions and information about ATBS, but if you still have questions Contact us anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions about ATBS

Do you only do ticket websites?

We do so much more than just ticket websites. We have many products and services

Plus we can build any type of website you can dream up and have since the start of ATBS. 
WordPress, Shopify, you name it and we can build it!

What Ticket Exchanges can I use with your ticket websites?

ticketCMS supports:

  • TicketEvolution
  • TicketNetwork
  • VividSeats
  • Logitix

You can switch anytime with the click of a button within your content management system (CMS) / Administration panel.

How do I get support?

We have a dedicated support team that is always here to help. All you ever have to do is find the only red button on our entire website on the top right of every page that says "Get Help".

Get Support from ATBS
Get Support from ATBS

That will take you directly to our Helpdesk. When you can post a ticket for free and get support.

Learn more about ATBS Support.

How can I call Support?

We do not offer phone support for the free SLA which everyone is on unless you are paying for support via one of our Premium Support Plans.

Just post a ticket to our helpdesk and our amazing dedicated support staff will help you!

Learn more about ATBS Support.

How do I cancel my service?

You can cancel anytime with 30 days notice unless you have a termed contract service. Then you can cancel anytime, but you will have to finish the current term you are within.

Can I host the website myself?

We host all our own websites. This is the best case for you. 

No all hosting is created equal. We have been uptime then TicketNetwork or TicketEvolution. SUPER FAST, redundant hosting.

Do your websites work on Mobile devices?

Absolutely, all of our websites we build are completely mobile friendly, what is called Responsive technology.

Check out any of our ticketCMS template design options and check them on your cell phone. They dynamically shrink to fit on any screen. You can even resize your browser window and watch it instantly and dynamically shrink down.

How is your ticket website different from TicketNetwork's ticket website?

In short, EVERY POSSBILE WAY other than the name website.

Their websites are a exactly clone of 35k other identical clones. They place their ads on YOUR WEBSITE. They own your website.
You can't do what you want with it. It is several limited.

Search Google for any Secondary Ticketing Market (STM) related keyword and see if you find any of those TicketNetwork cloned cookie-cutters on the first 5000 pages. 

EVEN if you don't care about all of that due to you being a wholesale Ticket Broker. You should care that the FACE of your website looks like a complete scam. 

Learn more about What makes ATBS Different

Can you build me a completely custom design ticket website?

Absolutely! We have three versions of ticketCMS. The Enterprise Version comes with a completely custom design for the homepage and template wrapper. No one else will have the same design. COMPLETELY CUSTOM!


Can customers post tickets to my ticket website for sale?

YES via the Ticket Exchange. Any ticket inventory you post to the respective Ticket Exchange will flow into your website. 

Can I signup for your services and products over email only?

The simple answer is, No. There is a ton of online fraud where someone will text or email saying typically in broken English the need a business website asap and their previous web developer screwed them over. They will suggest a huge amount, 6k,10k or 20k and offer to pay some or all of that right now on credit card. Then a few days or weeks later they are sick and need "some" of the money back. You refund them "some" then the person they stole the credit card from chargeback everything. We have never fallen for these scam or any and never will.

To ensure quality of services and prevention of fraud, ATBS will not accept any website projects or payments without an established, business relationship and a clearly outlined technical specification along with a legally binding development agreement in place. ATBS will never “move funds” for any reason. Nor will ATBS accept projects solely through text or email communication.

We do more than just Ticketing Websites!

Let's Build Your Website!