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About the Secondary Ticketing Market (STM)

Ticket Brokers are good Entrepreneurs, but how smart are they?

I’ve been in the Secondary Ticketing Market (STM) for almost 20 years. A drop in the bucket to some Ticket Brokers. BUT as a technical person with many decades of coding, SEO, SEM, PPC, servers, and more I see the market differently.

If you do not embrace technology then you are behind everyone else that does. You look at all the powerful Ticket Brokers or today and they ALL embraced technology!

For example your business’s website…
Most modern Ticket Brokers would go into a monolog of how they don’t need a website and how the TicketNetwork cloned cookie-cutter website with their ads, links, and information all over their businesses website is good enough for them. These websites are where businesses go to die. In fact, you can look at the profits of any business using these clones of 35,000 identical websites you will see it shrinking and dying.

TicketNetwork Cookie-Cutter TicketNetwork cookie cutters kill your business

1 option… over 40 options to choose from and infinite color change options

Is this your companies website? The good news is it’s a TicketNetwork Cookie Cutter – 35,000 identical clones with TicketNetwork’s ads all over them!

It’s 2021, not 1996. Websites are so much more important than trying to get retail sales from the internet and competing against the “big boys”. It is the FACE of your business and it should represent your business which is the point. If your using the TicketNetwork cloned cookie-cutter website of 35,000 identical clones it likely is representing your business and that is a BAD THING. Google, Bing, SBA, Yelp, Customers, Your peers, when you get a change back the credit card company checks it and so much more!

We at ATBS have spent the last 20 plus years building ticket websites for the Secondary Ticketing Market (STM). We have released a new product called ticketCMS. It works with TicketNetwork, TicketEvolution, VividSeats, and Logitix. It takes 15 minutes to get live on your companies domain name fully SSL secured (https://), hundreds of thousands of pages and you can customize almost every aspect of it from a powerful admin panel.
We are not implying an amazing-looking new face for your business is going to do anything other than making your business look professional instead of a complete scam business like it does now. Ask anyone who doesn’t know the STM and show them 5 TicketNetwork cloned cookie-cutter websites, let them see how identical they are! How each website is EXACTLY the same with a logo changing and ask them what they think. They will say one word, scam!

If your business can’t afford an amazing-looking face to your business, ticketCMS Lite you might need to rethink your entire business.

Pick any of these templates and call us at (281) 369-5600 and let’s start fixing your business and bringing it into 2021!


ATBS Editorial Team

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