TicketTechnology Websites: Customized and Developed for TicketTechnology Ticket Brokers

TicketTechnology Website Provided by ATBS

TicketTechnology Website Provided by ATBS

TicketTechnology websites & ATBS: Bringing you the best in custom websites with TicketTechnology.

ATBS has worked closely with TicketTechnology for many years to ensure we can offer the absolute best custom XML TicketTechnology websites. With our ongoing partnership and close collaboration, we have come together to create an extraordinary XML based, TicketTechnology website that is fully customized to the ticket broker and complete with a powerful yet easy-to-use administration panel to empower tickets brokers in ways never before possbile without the help of a “developer” either on staff on contract.

TicketTechology’s XML feed is stable and amazingly flexbile. We have created some of the top ranking TicketTechnology websites available online using this exchange including the website for the World Ticket Conference as well as custom xml websites for a majority of the NATB presidents and members.

With the discontinuation of TicketTechnology’s plug-in service, ATBS has been the sole provider of TicketTechnology websites. Our custom websites connect directly to TicketTechnology’s xml feed and POS. Customers using our TicketTechnology websites are given a variety of powerful options to assit them in search engine optimization (SEO), client retention and order processing. For example, our TicketTechnology websites seamlessly integrate into the TicketTechnology POS and allow for real-time credit card processing with third party processors such as Authorize.net.

Additional poweful features include:

  • Member’s Panel for ticket buyers
  • Complete content management for events, venues and cities
  • Giftcard generation and management
  • Sell additional items through the cart such as packages, memorabilia and more

Our custom TicketTechnology websites are full of advanced yet easy-to-use features such as these and many, many more. We pride ourselves in developing and delivering quality programming with our websites and because our websites and programming was all developed in-house we are able to keep our websites up-to-date with the latest and greatest in programming language, new features and speed and security enhancements. And since we never outsource or contract our development, our customers’ TicketTechnology websites are updated frequently with new versions and features for FREE.

In 2008, StubHub announced the purchase of TicketTechnology and this brought about many additional perks and features to our TicketTechnology websites. ATBS recommends TicketTechnology to all Ticket Brokers who buy and sell ticket inventory.

In additional to our TicketTechnology websites, ATBS also provides TicketTechnology Mobile websites. Our mobile websites are fully functional websites with all the features and functions expected from a mobile website. Our TicketTechnology mobile website, just like all our development, was created and developed in-house which means we are able to offer the lowest prices on the market today.

To find out what features our TicketTechnology websites have click here or call us anytime at (281) 392-9693.